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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If you are dealing with discoloration, misshapen teeth, damage, or decay, you may not be as confident about your smile as you would like. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to recreate your smile for a look you will gladly put on display.

White fillings / bonding

If you suffer from chipped, decayed, stained, or discolored teeth, teeth bonding may be the ideal cosmetic option for your needs. Composite resin is carefully colored to match the shade of your existing teeth to create an appealing, natural look.

The resin is then used to reshape and improve the appearance of your teeth. This treatment can often be completed in one visit and offers an affordable option for cosmetic improvement.

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening services are designed to remove discoloration and create a more appealing whiter look for your teeth. Depending on your needs, there are treatment options available that can dramatically improve the color of your teeth for a smile that will look healthier and more attractive. The color of your teeth is an important component of your smile, and a big part of the impression you leave on people. Make sure you are showing off your brightest, healthiest smile with customized teeth whitening treatments. Right now, get gorgeous pearly whites starting at just $52. Get in touch with us to find out more.


Another option for cosmetic enhancement of your smile is porcelain veneers. This option involves adhering a thin shell of porcelain directly to your teeth.

This instantly corrects discoloration, chips and crooked teeth for a straight, beautiful appearance. Veneers look exactly like natural teeth and provide protection from surface damage.

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